Things 2 Fear


Upcoming Horror Film!

Calling all actors for our new upcoming horror film!




Send us a video of yourself acting out one of the "audition sides" below, or send us a two minute scene of your own choosing You can also request additional sides. Also, please include all of your personal information such as name, contact info, pictures and resume if available We will contact you back to let you the status of your audition.

Filming will take place in MD and WV. Filming starts in April 2017.

We look forward to your submissions and good luck!


Dad/Older has a daughter age 21-25 calm and laid back demeanor.

Aunt/Late 40's to early 50's trendy style w/a great sense of humor.

Lead Woman/ 21-25 introvert, hard worker, sweet, smart has a few friends, lives alone, college student and currently single!

Supporting Man/ Nice guy, dedicated in a relationship friendly personality.

Supporting Female/ Bubbly, free spirited, and playful. In a relationship.

Supporting Females (3) College age mid 20's. (1) is wild, extrovert and lots of fun. (2) is a bit eccentric, very unusual believes in the supernatural. (3) Is very outgoing, overachiever etc.

Lead Guy/ High school to college age fun, daring, risk taker and prankster!

Supporting Guys (2)/ High school to college age. (1) Know it all, smart. (2) laid back, fun, caring and popular cool guy.

Audition Side Lead Male

David is stuck inside the coffin, and is fighting to get out.
(In a whispered voice)Stacey I hear you. Please help me I'm scared, it's dark, and I can’t... (Words trail off)
(Stacey lifts her head up and says)David yes!!! Hold on please. Look you have to be strong, you have to face it. Don't let your phobia win.
But I can't.
Yes. You can it's not real. It's just what our mind tells us. Focus David. You are not being buried I'm right here. Just believe. Please for me.
Your right this is stupid I refuse to give up, it's not real. I'm not dying today.

Audition Sides Lead Female

Hi I’m home, is anyone here?

Not a sound. She goes up to her child's room and sees toys scattered about and the TV on but it’s just white snow. She then quickly goes to her room but her husband is not there either. she quickly rushes back down stairs.
Axe, Katie where are you? Katie baby are you hiding from mommy? (Still only silence) Axe this is so not funny.
After she runs all over the house, she can find no one. She then picks up her phone to call her husband but she gets a non- working phone message. She tries again and the same thing happens. Then she tries from her house phone same thing. She tries a different number but no matter who she dials it happens.

She is now starting to freak out. So she goes over to her neighbor’s house and knocks on her door.
(Knocking on the door)Emma are you home? (No answer she then peers through the window but sees no one inside) Where is everyone this is crazy.

Someone help, anyone please, please help me.
Back in her house she falls down to the floor hugging her body rocking back and forth yelling for help.
I'm alone. Why me? I can't be. This can't be happening. What the hell is going on? Where is my family! (Screaming the last part)